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Safety Alert!

Computer, telephone, tablet, and internet usage can be monitored by abusers — remotely and without a user’s knowledge — and device history can be impossible to clear completely. If you think your internet and/or device usage may be tracked, use a safe friend’s cell phone or computer. Most public libraries have computers and internet for public use.

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Because no one deserves to be abused

Providing support and alternatives to survivors of domestic violence and their families while striving to strengthen our community through education and prevention outreach. 


How We Can Help You

We strive to be open, inclusive, and helpful toward survivors from all walks of life.

24/7 Hotline & Advocacy Services

This service provides immediate and ongoing counseling, advocacy, information and referrals to survivors of domestic violence.

Criminal Court Services

This service provides advocacy, court accompaniment, information and referrals to survivors of domestic violence .

Domestic Violence Advocacy-Based Counseling Services

This service provides trauma-informed individual and group counseling for adult survivors of domestic violence.

Bridges of Hope Legal Project

This service provides civil legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence in La Plata and San Juan Counties of Colorado.


Check back later for more information about this service!

domestic violence resources

Stay in The Know

Check out Alternative Horizon’s up-to-date domestic violence resources. 

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Get Involved


You can provide support to survivors of domestic violence through volunteering as an Advocate! Alternative Horizons is always in need of new Volunteer Advocates to staff the 24/7/365 hotline.


Your contributions provide legal, counseling, educational, and advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence and intimate-partner abuse.


Upcoming Events

Keep up with what’s happening at Alternative Horizons with our events calendar! We are are always adding new events to please check back regularly.